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Film News

LandscapeHD film-maker opportunities...

LandscapeHD is providing an opportunity for talented film-makers to get their work into the new HD broadcast industry. We make high definition music videos for the independant musicians who work in the global world of instrumental music (classical and contemporary). We are looking for those who can show an ability to creatively shoot and edit HD footage. For more information on the exciting new LandscapeHD Producer and Director of Photography schemes please visit the Production pages here.

HD Producers

New LandscapeHD contributors.

We would like to express a big welcome to new producers that have joined the LandscapeHD team and will be contributing there talents through the LandscapeHD 'Producer' scheme:

Adrian Whitfield from Seattle USA, Amedeo Fabroni from Milan Italy, Benjamin Schuit from Lake Ariel Usa, Domink Kosicki from Limerick Ireland, Leo Staggs from Kent England, Nick Lansley from London Landscapes, Bill Koepnick from Seneca USA, Darren Thirkill from Bradford England, The Dee brothers from Greatviews TV, Matthew Brown from Washington USA, Richard Jackson from Manigod France, Sami Fonal from Finland.

Music News  
Ian Boddy joins the family...

Emerging from the post Tangerine Dream/Cosmic Music generation, Ian Boddy has carved out a position as a distinctive independent composer and performer. A consistent presence on the European electronic music scene since the late 1970s, this British based sonic explorer established the DiN label in 1999; a venture which allows Boddy to collaborate with a variety of musicians as well as to release material by other innovative artists.

Richard Searles joins the family...

Primarily a guitarist, Searles developed a keen ear for the enticing sounds of the world's many musical styles through travels to Great Britain, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. While studying classical guitar, he was first exposed to Medieval and Renaissance music through the recordings of David Munrow and Paul Odette. These experiences, along with an appreciation for the inherent beauty of the sounds and rhythms of the Earth, are the continuing influences on his music.